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Hi all,

I have a friend arriving on the bus from Sapa (or rather the Chinese border town nearby that I can't think of the name of) on Tuesday night. Does anyone know which Kunming bus station he will roll into so I can go meet him?



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Very happy to hear that the workers and customers at Salvador's are alright. Salvador's, as Yam Ki says, is one of the friendliest gathering places in Kunming and I hope the act of one disturbed individual doesn't ruin the spirit of the place. Peace, Kunmingers. Laura C.

This is really too bad. I was not going to involved in the conference directly, but have had many people contact me asking about the city and the province, especially about what to do after as they planned to stay and travel. I am not going to suggest that this was going to put Kunming on the map, but it was certainly a step in the right direction. We are far from Beijing and the conference topics, from what I know, hardly seemed controversial. This pre-Olympics paranoia is way out of hand.


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