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Forums > Living in Kunming > Advice on renting a studio flat.

There is one other way to avoid (most of) the agent's fees, and that is to go and talk to security guards or the person who operates the bike shed in the xiaoqu or building you want to live in. SOMETIMES they will know which apartments are empty and can put you in touch with a landlord.

Of course then you should give them something, a few hundred kuai, usually. That said this is best done with a local friend.

Also my landlady did have a place right next door to mine in Moma on Beijing Lu, I just asked her if it's free and will PM you if it is.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Shane English School - Is it a good place to work?

If you are looking for a working visa then Shane English school offers a pretty standard package compared to most other private language schools in Kunming. The recent pay rise there means that the pay is pretty competitive and hours similar to any other private language school when working full time. I've spoken to teachers there and some have gripes with management decisions, and some don't. A pretty standard workplace, not somewhere that is going to win employer of the year, but then again not a disaster area either. Around 50% of the teachers sign a second year contract, among 20 foreign staff.

If you want to earn more money you can do like weekapaughead says come to Kunming, find part time work. I've heard of people getting pretty decent salary with similar hours, usually working at between 120/hr and 150/hr and clocking in around 9500. That's minus benefits (flight bonus, end of contract bonus, insurance) and almost always not on a working visa. But I have never heard of anyone in Kunming having trouble or getting kicked out for doing this.


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