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you were clearly not at the same game we were. !!

There were very trying conditions -(ie playing away from home, the altitude, foreign refs - favouring the home side (vis - the lack of a red card against the bloke that chopped our archie) - 18 hours on a plane/transit for many players from the UK/Europe) plus being surrounded by the chinese red army and their attack dogs.

It was a sterling effort from the guys. Most people that we discussed the game with -( there were plenty) -reckoned that it was a great example of the beautiful game, ie you can have a great 0-0 draw -it was in the balance to the end.

I reckon every one (except you) was pretty pleased with a point away from home - we are in a tournament played over many games, not just one.

Suffice to say dont expect to see the same tactics in the return game.

If its high scores you want; I suggest you hook up with the basketball ball crew - they have heaps in their games

Any luck selling your over priced tickets?


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