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Forums > Living in Kunming > teaching job

I'm a Malaysian chinese,
And I have a degree in education(tesl)
Is there any offer for me ?
And I'm half china citizen because my wife is from china.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > A mess in the kunming zoo

unfortunately i'm not a china nationality . i'm a chinese from other country.i'm a animal lover though and have volunteered taking care in my country for abandon pets . hope they will improve and treat every life of the animals importantly.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > A mess in the kunming zoo

I went to the zoo this morning and i feel pains and my heart are aching.
Those animals are being tortured for making money.and almost all of the environment for each animals is wrong.
penguins and bears - their skin is tear
deers - horns are cut off
sea lion and sea dogs - are dying for no place for them to rest,they put them in the entertainment place even when the show is off
lions & tigers - place for them is not built properly
butterfly garden,reptiles park,aquarium - need to pay extra fees to get in . and the crocodile protection glass is almost broke.
elephants - should be gray color but now is brown bcos of mud water.i know is bcos of the weather but they should wash them when its summer then when its winter only they can leave it to bath with mud
alot more i can say but i don wan to make a long article here.
wat i know about country national zoo is, government should protect the animals not torture them and they should study how the animal live so that they can built a good environment for them.
and to give young learners really learn about the original of the animals not after they 'upgrade' the animals.

Forums > Food & Drink > Pizza Hut,McD,KFC

actually nope ..
they only have chili powder ... not sauce .. not only in kunming.
also i've went to few cities in yunnan they only provides chili powder and sometimes only upon request..


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