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Forums > Living in Kunming > 2 shows at Speakeasy 2006.05

Does anybody know who were the opening bands for Miserable Faith and Recycle at Speakeasy Bar on 2006.05.25 & 31? I made a quick check of Speakeasy's photops site, but didn't see the info. I am organizing photos on my harddrive by band, location etc etc and need some assistance in remembering because I didn't make a note of it at the time. Thanks in advance!

Forums > Food & Drink > 南來盛 - NanLaiSheng coffee shop

well, what matters is how it compares to the original on the old jinbilu. sure it is more comfortable to park your ass on a bean bag at salvadors, but nothing feels, or tastes so good as the real deal of yunnan coffee of the nanlaisheng era

Forums > Food & Drink > 南來盛 - NanLaiSheng coffee shop

JinBi is one of the major east-west roads that runs through near the center of the city from XiChang Rd. to Beijing Rd.
The coffee shop known as NanLaiSheng was torn down around 1998 along with everything else on JinBi Rd. which besides the bird and flower market area was one of the last larger sections of old Kunming that was still around at that time.

Forums > Food & Drink > 南來盛 - NanLaiSheng coffee shop

has anyone visited the successor shop(s) to the old NanLaiSheng that used to be on JinBiLu (but relocated elsewhere in KM)? i am curious how it compares, if its still around, to the old days, as i remember, before the old JinBiLu was torn down. though i have spent a lot of time in latter day coffee shops in KM, i would vote for NanLaiSheng as the best in KM if if was still around on the old JinBiLu. I miss it. good coffee, bread and pastries.

Forums > Living in Kunming > camera repairs

the canon authorized repair shop is next to kunming huitang (on an upper floor) - i have sent a camera and lens there before for repair. i don't know if they are authorized for repairs of other cameras. you should check the manufacturer's website of your camera to find out where a local, authorized repair shop can be found.


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this is a very cool site that i should have recommended long ago. cecilia pym is an old, old friend of mine. back from the days when there was still something truly left of old kunming (10 years ago). she is the former owner of the first cafe in the center of old town lijiang, aka c.c. cafe (which you will find listed in versions of the lonely planet from the recent past) and also the former editor of city weekend - shanghai edition; not to mention a photographer and filmmaker


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