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Dali Blog: Cloud South

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Black mud symbolizes health in Cangyuan
Black mud symbolizes health in Cangyuan

It took us a while, but we finally discovered a Dali blog: Cloud South. Run by a lad from Leeds and a Kunming native, this is already one of our favorite Yunnan blogs.

One of Cloud South's standout features is Cecilia Pym's excellent photography - the above image was taken from a post about the Wa 'Rub you black' festival in Cangyuan County, Lincang Prefecture.

Cloud South is also brimming with interesting posts, our favorites being 'Beliefs' and 'Bluff your way in Yunnanese'. The site offers a wealth of knowledge about customs, culture and language in Yunnan. For the most part, all posts are informative, insightful and entertaining.

Check it out.

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this is a very cool site that i should have recommended long ago. cecilia pym is an old, old friend of mine. back from the days when there was still something truly left of old kunming (10 years ago). she is the former owner of the first cafe in the center of old town lijiang, aka c.c. cafe (which you will find listed in versions of the lonely planet from the recent past) and also the former editor of city weekend - shanghai edition; not to mention a photographer and filmmaker

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