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The Silver Spoon has been an exciting arrival to the Kunming western Style cafe scene! Although there are a few things they could attend to in making the cafe a little better, (ie more dining space) it is a great experience as is. The service there is excellent compared to some other cafes! (I have never gotten good service at Salvadores) Friendly, attentive and consciencious. I, myself, do not drink coffe or latte so I should not comment on such items, however the hot chocolate is excellent! On my 2 visits I have tried the salads (I am a BIG fan of their salads!)the BBQ pork, and my true favorite, the spinach artichoke sandwich! Very delicious and served hot and fresh. Silver Spoon also does some very unique things in the form of romantic spreads for Valentines day and other special occasions, cooking classes for adults and kids and the atmosphere in the cafe is very much like a western cafe should be. The Silver Spoon Cafe will be a mainstay on the Northside of Kunming. Take the time and visit; sip some coffee or tea, tap your feet to the rhythm of the music, take your notebook computer and browse the web, have a great meal and don't forget to finish off your visit with one of their delicious desserts! You will be glad you did! I give them 4 1/2 stars, easily!