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Forums > Travel Yunnan > living in jinghong

Jinghong has changed a lot,,grown a lot in the past few years, maybe you should visit again before making any long term plans.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New visa/immigration regulations July 1, 2013

For A and B the law has changed in the last 9 months so hopefully the PSB visa office will maybe possibly know how its implemented. You should visit them, if you are on a Kunming Hukou then its easier.

For the health check its best done in Kunming, near the old airport.

Forums > Living in Kunming > European MEDICINE

another option is to first find the medicines name in Chinese then call the bigger hospitals in Kunming to see if they have it. Then go to that hospital and pay the registration fee to tell the doctor to prescribe that medicine for you.

But I would try the chemist Long Dragon recommends first. Just prepare to push them to really check if they have your meds and select the one with the longest shelf life as they may try to pass you something that exipres soon.


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