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Thought I'd write a quick review as non-one else has decided to do so. I graduated from the course in October and managed to find a job teaching at a local university straight away. I didn't have any teaching experience prior to taking the course and as I planned to get a teaching job in Kunming I wanted to know what I was doing when I walked into a classroom. The four week course went well, there was a lot of information packed into a short space of time but I came out of it feeling confident I could teach well. I've still got a lot to learn and I'm learning on the job as I go but this course gave me a great start in the teaching world. I would highly recommend the course to anyone considering getting a proper accredited TESOL certificate, particularly as I don't think there's anywhere else in Kunming you can do it. Beijing, Shanghai perhaps? I've also found out ways of actually earning decent money from teaching English. Who would have thought it!


440 rmb for the check. Examination, includes urine and blood samples, x-ray, ultrasound, cursory eye test, blood pressure and one other I can't remember! Results are normally available two working days later. Very little English is spoken by the staff. You need 3 passport photos to register.


Fairly average food. Had dinner recently and was unimpressed with the lasagna. Pizzas were okay but again nothing special. Was a little disappointed when I asked for some cream with the cake I ordered (as it was quite dry) and just got a drizzle. I would be happy to pay extra for a decent amount of cream.

Having said that I like the location and would give it 3.5 stars if we could vote in halves......


Very nice chilled-out atmosphere. The Sunday Brunch is good value for money and the pizzas are probably the best you'll find in Kunming. I've never had any issues with the service and the owners are super-friendly. Highly recommended!