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My wife and myself, french-speaking and both sixties year old, we are living and working

in Beijing. We recently decided to a one-week break in June in Southern China, we yet do not know.

The idea for this too short first approach: build a quiet self-made journey, passing by some cities (Kunming, Dali, Jinghong, Lijiang) to progressively meet the landscapes, people, customs and gastronomy of Yunnan. Next year when our children will visit China with us, we will deepen the discovery of Yunnan.

This year, we will be on the 17th and 18th of June in Lijiang, a very touristic town, people say.

So, we are a little bit afraid because ordinarily we do'nt travel with groups, appreciate very moderately the crowd and prefer to visit tourist areas as calm as possible.

Furthermore, we both like and practice regularly spa stays, in Europe. But never in Asia.

In this context, we are very enthusiastic with the possibility to stay at the end of the trip in a comfortable and relaxing environment, a little away from Lijiang.

Of course, we would really prefer to receive a free two-days stay in the Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa of Shuhe but, if we do'nt win, we will anyway go to the web-site of the hotel to see the services offered and the rates in June...


Marc Kohen


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