Arro Khampa means “Hey Friend, I bid you welcome”, in the eastern Tibetan dialect. This warmhearted phrase pays homage to the ancient tradition of welcoming caravans and travelers along the Ancient Tea Horse Road. History remembers Shangri-La original name as Gyalthang, because of the lush beauty green fields that cover the valley floor for much of the year. For the last thirty years, the remote region’s lush beauty and mountains were off limits to outsiders, keeping much of the area isolated from other cultures and influences. For this reason, much of the region lives and speaks differently. Today, as the gate of mountain and trails open up again, we hope our own modern version of the ancient greeting brings back the feeling of instant welcome and warmth to all new friends and weary travelers.

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  • NameArro Khampa By Zinc Journey Shangrila
  • AddressNo.15 Donglang, Jinlong Street, Shangri La, Deqen, China,, Shangri-la
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