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Free drinks for foreigners. Contact the management for further info.

OT KUN Brand Vision:
• “Experience” diversity of musical styles from our All-Star performing guests.
• “Create” the first live indoor music festival in Kunming
• “Become” the first nightclub of world’s top 100 nightclub in Kunming
• “Invent” the new entertainment landmark in Kunming
• “Accomplish” nightclub, original music intellectual property and the extension of it
• “Initiate” the integrated ecosystem of Electronic Music + Traveling

ONE THIRD spent a significant amount of money to hire the top-class Dutch visual construction team from “Tomorrowland” for building the first nightclub in Beijing.

The nightclub cost 45 million RMB to build and it was successfully launched in November 2017.
As one of the top brands in entertainment industry. ONE THIRD continue to invite the visual construction team of Tomorrowland to create the new nightclub, OT KUN
which cost 85 million RMB to build. OT KUN was launched in January 2019. It is located in the “Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center”. The floor space is 5,000m2, 18 meters tall and has a capacity of 6,000 people.

OT KUN will continue to carry on the spirit of ONE THIRD which are
Internationalization, Rejuvenation, and the brand personality of the music. OT KUN will continue to bring the authentic “live indoor music festival” to the whole China. The most important thing is that OT KUN will continue to surprise our fans and provide them the most exciting and superior quality entertainment experience.

Listing info
  • NameOT KUN Club
  • Address289 Chuncheng Lu, Guomao gate 5, Kunming
  • MOBILE15096674778, 13211650136, 18468146729 (辜禀翔/Sean)
  • Hours8pm - 4am
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OT KUN Club • 289 Chuncheng Lu, Guomao gate 5

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