ManLao River Coffee is a local Kunming speciality coffee roaster providing roasted coffee for cafes and offering delivered coffees for home consumption. With its beginnings as a poverty alleviation program in the Pu’er region of Yunnan, the company has grown and now works with numerous coffee producers to improve the quality, develop markets and establish recognition internationally for their coffees. Through a partnership with Yunnan Agricultural University, ManLao River is investing in the research and development needed to improve the science of coffee production in China from the farm to the cup.

ManLao River has ranked second in’s annual international top 30 coffees (2015), supplied the first ever Chinese coffee to be used in the World Barista Championship finals (2012) and the sponsored the first Chinese coffee to be used in the World Coffee Roasting Championship finals (2017). ManLao River Coffee’s goal is to expand the consumption of amazing coffee in China and to increase global recognition of Yunnan as a speciality coffee origin. The company is a sponsor of the Amateur Brewers Cup and the China Brewers Cup as well as being the first member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance China Chapter.

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  • NameManLao River Coffee
  • AddressHuancheng Bei Lu, Hexie Jinyuan level 4 building 4 block B, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63399320 (中文), 65388830 (en)
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ManLao River Coffee • Huancheng Bei Lu, Hexie Jinyuan level 4 building 4 block B

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