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  • NamePegasus International Equestrian Academy
  • AddressGuangfu Lu, Aegean Mall, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 66013981
  • Hours10am-10pm
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Pegasus International Equestrian Academy • Guangfu Lu, Aegean Mall


Welcome to Pegasus International Equestrian Academy.
Congratulations! You have just made a very important decision. Your child will always be grateful to you for becoming a member of Pegasus International Equestrian Academy. The horses will become part of your child's life which now will be enriched in several ways. Learning to ride a horse is not easy and will take a long time. Thereby it develops perseverance and learns your child to cope with disappointments.

Horse riding is a highly sensitive sport. If your horse "doesn't listen”in most cases that is because of the rider. If the rider is doing the right thing, the horse will listen, so there is nobody else to blame. The horse is a mirror and will reflect your child's behaviour. Ponies don't judge, this gives your child more confidence. Maybe it is not obvious but horse riding is a team sport. If somebody wants to learn to ride a horse they have to cooperate with the horse. To cooperate with the horse they have to use a lot of senses. They have to notice the way the horse behaves, they have to listen to the coach, they have to control their body by alternation between muscle tension and relaxation and they have to control their breathing.

Dutch Equestrian
The course will start with weekly private lessons of 30 minutes, while your child's ponyies held by the coach. This is safe and gives the coach the possibility to get to know your child. As soon as the young rider is confident, we will start group lessons of 50 minutes. Group lessons will teach your child even more than private lessons.
During the group lesson the riders listen to the coach teaching all children. So all clues are told more than once! The riders can watch each other and of course work
together like a team, as well during the lesson as by taking care of the horses together.
Other very important aspects of the Dutch equestrian system are the level cards and riding tests. The level card is used in class so not only the coach knows exactly how your child is doing. You can always look in to see the progress your child makes. Of course the level card can be taken home after passing, to show in school and to family and friends.
By riding the official tests your child can earn points, after earning two or three points (depending the level) the rider gets an official certificate and will enter the next level.

Pegasus regulations for all lessons:
Riders should be at Pegasus International Academy 20 minutes before the lesson starts so the horse can be brushed and saddled by the rider.
If the rider is unable to come to the lesson, the reservation has to be cancelled 24 hours in advance by telephone, 0871-66013981, or the lesson will be considered to have been ridden.


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