Buddy Language School is an international school run by Chinese and foreign English-speaking educators. The founder, Maria has four years of experience teaching Chinese in a university, and used to be a volunteer teaching Mandarin to rural children. Buddy Language School offers FREE spoken Chinese classes to English speakers, using The Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin Chinese as the curriculum guide. The school also has a calligraphy teacher for those who are interested in paying for lessons at only 50 RMB/hour. The school also holds various class options for Chinese students looking to learn English. Come visit us sometime!

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  • NameBuddy Language School
  • AddressQicai Yunnan Diyicheng, room 1402 SOHO building 10, Chenggong, Kunming
    昆明七彩云南第一城商城SOHO 101402
  • MOBILE18725116336
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Buddy Language School • Qicai Yunnan Diyicheng, room 1402 SOHO building 10, Chenggong

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