A veritable dumpling paradise in the Shuncheng Mall. Specializing in all types of dumplings, baozi, noodles and other snacks.

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  • NameFu Yu Hsuan Steamed Buns
  • AddressShuncheng Mall, building K, floor 3, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65656363
  • Hours11am-10pm
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Fu Yu Hsuan Steamed Buns • Shuncheng Mall, building K, floor 3

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I highly recommend you to go and taste the delicious Xiaolongbao in Fuyuxuan. We went there with couple of friends with different nationalities. We all enjoyed it very much. Every dish is divine. Xiaolongbao are extremely exquisite. You can even learn how to make them out with the professional guide of the chef. I went back to Europe after eating in this restaurent. But I can't help thinking about those tasty dumplings that we have eaten. How mouth-watering they are! If you want to try the traditional xiaolongbao in Kunming, please go to Fuyuxuan!


Hole-in-the-wall XiaoLongBaoZi (dumplings) joints are all very well for grabbing a snack, but if you want to see and taste how good they can really be, I highly recommend this restaurant. Sure, you pay a bit more but the service is attentive, you see the dumplings being made and they taste fantastic. I ordered a tray of 8. then another 8 and then yet another! Well worth the visit.