The most popular hotpot restaurant where you can find more than ten hotpot flavors.

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  • NameHaidilao Hot Pot
  • Address928 Beijing Road, Tong De Kunming Plaza, F4, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65703553
  • HoursDaily 24-hour
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Haidilao Hot Pot • 928 Beijing Road, Tong De Kunming Plaza, F4

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Fresh ingredients, decent price, lots of people, and the best thing is foreign beer by supermarket prices! Next time should go there at rush hour, no line after 8pm - no nail polishing :(


This is my favorite hot pot restaurant in Kunming. There are three reasons I love it: Their service is very good (when you are waiting in line, they will provide free drink and snacks), if you like they polish your nails and shine your shoes, and most important, and the food is fresh with many choices. As an added bonus, after eating, you don't smell like hot pot.