Call or Wechat (Angelina898989) to order.

Order at least 3 hours in advance.

Even though we are a young team, we are still committed to serving the highest quality pizza at the most reasonable prices. We offer free delivery, but if it's really far from the northern part of the city, such as Guandu area, you may need to add 5-10 yuan for delivery. So try our delicious pizza.

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  • NameManna Pizza Delivery
  • AddressBeichen Fortune Center, Kunming
  • MOBILE18687111805 (中文), 15587198022 (English)
  • HoursMon-Sat
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Manna Pizza Delivery • Beichen Fortune Center

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I tried the service and the pizza. The whole point of offering pizza delivery is to order at the last minute when you don't feel like cooking or have nothing around - so most customers expect convenience.

Coming from the US, the pizza and the service is one star. However, I gave this place 2 stars because I might have lived here too long and have adjusted my standards. It's hard to find proper delivery places with Western food. This is as close as it gets. And when winter comes around and no one wants to go outside, this is all we have - kind of beats out the competition. The pizza tastes like any Chinese place that makes pizza (it's not amazing but edible). I'll probably use their service again when it snows.

I have to add this bit. They delivered my pizza one hour late. But I live way inside a university so it was hard to find. Anyhow, I know in the USA you can order amazing pizza and have it delivered to your door in less than 30 minutes. But you have to lower your standards in China. Don't kid yourself.


Called the number provided on a Friday at 2:15PM while a 10% discount was advertised "on Friday and Saturday" (listed in GoKunming specials).

A Chinese person answered the 'English' phone number in Mandarin then explained in broken English that you need to order 3 hours in advance. (Subtext: As their business is so slow)

Grumble. False advertising. Waste of time. Seems 100% Chinese run. Probably bad pizza.