Our 1920 Kunming branch will open October 1, 2014!

With a passion for all things 'German' and a hunger for excellence, 1920 was born in an exquisite location on the banks of the Pearl River in 2001.

Through a harmony of style, taste and service we have earned the reputation as Guangzhou's first and finest German eatery.

As our reputation has grown, so have our locations. While each of our restaurants has its own unique look, they continue to provide the same ambience, excellence and overall experience for our patrons that we have become renowned for.

Whether it be a romantic soiree, a discreet business function or simply casual drinks with friends, we at 1920 are dedicated to making your time with us a memorable one.

1920 – We mix drinks and people

Guten Appetit und Prost!

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  • Name1920 Restaurant & Bar
  • Address13 Binjiang Junfa Center, Baiyun Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65720119
  • Hours10am-1:30am
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1920 Restaurant & Bar • 13 Binjiang Junfa Center, Baiyun Lu

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Incredible restaurant! The food is very good, the service is good and they usually have fabulous specials on food and drinks. We love the atmosphere and are repeat customers. We live on the west side of town and it is totally worth the drive! :-)


Had lunch - grilled chicken on top of mashed cuttlefish and a salad. The chicken was tasty and well cooked, and there was plenty of meat/fish to fill up even a hungry person. The salad was overdressed and nothing special - I won't order one next time. The service is a decent imitation of what you might find in the west. A large menu of food and drink. A nice civilised place to go for food or drink, but some of the dishes (i.e. the steaks) are very pricey. You could easily spend 300rmb+ per person here. Equally, it is possible to have lunch for under 60rmb per person (as we did). Warning - the bottle of water on each table costs an eye watering 48rmb! Don't be a sucker by opening it!