At Caleb Culinary School and Ingredients, our professionally trained chefs offer the best teaching environment for all range of students; both English and Chinese.

Whether your looking to learn for personal pleasure or to be a part of a restaurant or own your own, let us give you the best step forward in this venture.

Impress your friends the next time you have a party! We offer a wide variety of dishes to learn from as well; from American to Thai and, yes, even Chinese for you expats who want to learn to cook some of your favorite dishes. Located in the North just behind Wal-mart on Beijing Lu, the school is convenient for all.

Are you looking for the best ingredients at competitive prices?

Our ingredient shop located right here on our premises makes it easy to study and get what you need to take home.

Just looking for ingredients we have spices, sauces, cheeses, butter, cream, all your baking needs, and much more. Want steaks for your next party? We have your favorite cuts. You can also buy in bulk! Having a hard time finding something you want and we don’t have? Ask us, we will try our best to get it for you.

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You can also call us or stop by!

Caleb Culinary School and Ingredients
0871-66371346 Caleb Culinary School Office Phone
0871-66371332 Caleb Ingredients Direct Line
136-2948-2468 John Shen (Owner)

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Caleb Culinary School • Yangchang Xiaocun, building 29, number 4, Bojin Dadao

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