Kunming Dounan Flower Market, located in the southern suburb of Kunming, is the largest fresh cut flower market in Asia and a significant distribution center for flower trading. The market is a vibrant, bustling hub of activity from the early morning hours until late in the evening, with a wide variety of flowers available for purchase, including roses, lilies, carnations, orchids, and many more.

The market is not just a place for buying and selling flowers, but also a cultural experience where you can witness the local people's love for flowers and their daily life. The market is also home to a number of flower-related businesses, including flower arrangement schools, florist shops, and logistics companies.

Visitors to the market can enjoy the beautiful sight of countless flowers, learn about different flower species, and even participate in flower arrangement classes. Whether you're a flower enthusiast or just a casual visitor, the Dounan Flower Market offers a unique and colorful experience.

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  • NameDounan International Flower Market & Distribution Center
  • AddressFlower Avenue, Chenggong District, Kunming
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Dounan International Flower Market & Distribution Center • Flower Avenue, Chenggong District

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