Horse Pen is located in an aged authentic Bai Minority courtyard, renovated in the old traditional way and run by experienced backpackers.

Horse Pen provides free guided hikes every Saturday to our guests. In return, guests who join the free guided hike are requested to help us pick up the garbage along the trail, maintaining Shaxi's environment.

Listing info
  • NameShaxi Horse Pen 46 Youth Hostel
  • Address46 Sideng Jie, Shaxi
  • MOBILE15125074011
  • Phone(0872) 4722 299
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Shaxi Horse Pen 46 Youth Hostel • 46 Sideng Jie

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Yes, blue, 10RMB for a Dali beer is, in my opinion, too much. I found them all over town for less than 5RMB. What the Angry Buddha charges is irrelevant.

Yes, the hostel is authentic, and as I said, it is a neat, interesting concept. And no, I am not interested in a cookie-cutter hotel.

But come on, the rooms are filthy and cheap, and the authentic courtyard is filled with junk covered by tarps.

I paid over 100 RMB per night, so I have the right to expect more. But there is no need to be hostile: it was one person's experience. Others seem to enjoy the hostel, so more power to you.


Judging 10 rmb for a Dali beer as too much? I guess you eat hamburgers daily with a food cost of 1 mao.
Hungry Buddha sells beers at 20 rmb, anyway.
In Shaxi you can also find jidan chao fan for 30 rmb quai, too.
It's a pity you talk about average prices visiting a town just for a couples of days..You slept in an authentic country yard right in the main square of an ancient are disappointed as citizen, kunminger.

Next time you go to Shaxi, my suggestion is to sleep at Landscape Massive Chinese Tourism Center Hotel.



I'd have to second tommann's review. I stayed there last month after not being able to find a room at other guesthouses. I thought it was supposed to have a decent review from Lonely Planet, but maybe that was quite some time ago.

I think I had to pay 120 kuai for a low quality room (plywood 'riser' with cheap mattress..I've slept on futons with better mattresses).

Worst of all were the 'bathrooms'. The toilets were separated by nothing more than a sheet. The showers (both rooms I stayed in there) had mildew ALL over them. Typical Yunnan cleaning job ('if it gets wet, it's clean!').

The courtyard was OK, the dogs sweet but very smelly when I was there (not very inviting for a guesthouse seeing they were huge St. Bernards), and staff were OK...the only reason I gave it at least a star.

As for the rooms, they'd probably get a negative rating for the price..awful!