Pegasus Cycling sells mountain bikes, road bikes, fixed gear bikes and bike components, many kinds of cycling accessories at a reasonable price and high-quality service. Our manager speaks English very well!

Pegasus Cycling provides mountain bike rentals too, and hosts open rides in and around Kunming leaving the shop at 6:30 pm every Wednesday and 9:00am every Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather. Check GoKunming's event listings for more.

We often host cyclists who are cycling around the world. Come and see us in person!

If you come to our shop from GoKunming, we will give you 5% discount for the bikes and 10% discount for other goods.

Get in touch with us via email at: hui_lee[at]foxmail[dot]com

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  • NamePegasus Cycling
  • Address11 Huaqiu Yuan, Beijing Lu, Kunming, Kunming
  • MOBILE15912141258
  • Phone(0871) 63151410
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Pegasus Cycling • 11 Huaqiu Yuan, Beijing Lu, Kunming

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I contacted Hui, the owner of Pegasus shop by email before I came to Yunnan where I planned a two weeks bicycle trip from Kunming to Jinghong (Xishuangbanna). Hui replied the same day and was very helpful and efficient. Not only he proposed a very good -yet cheap- touring bike for rent, but he also organized the bicycle return from Jinghong, so I didn't have to come back to Kunming.
When I arrived at his shop, he was very nice and welcoming (he even invited me to his place for dinner with his family !). Before I left Kunming, he did everything so the bike suits me, helped me to fix the bike bags and front basket that I brought from France, gave me some advices for directions and gave me a map.
I definitely recommend this shop !


I stumbled upon this shop just after arriving in Kunming. Lee (the owner) speaks great english and is really helpful. The guys in the shop know what they are doing, and just recently helped me build my second bike (first was stolen). They even let me use/buy some of the second hand parts laying around the shop to save some $ (which then went into a nicer fork...) They do have some higher end components and gear. The prices are reasonable, and cheaper compared to most other shops in KM.

The guys in the shop go out riding together frequently and love for others to join in. I have also run into several people touring Asia/world who love this shop, as he will help host them and goes out of his way to help out in any way he can.

Highly recommend this shop!


Lee was very helpful. I was riding a bike much to small for me. Lee put me in a giant bike which still is a little short for me, but he promised to watch for a bigger bike if he receives one in a shipment. Sounds like he has to accept what he gets and is not able to special order bikes. At least that was my impression. He gave me a good price and included a lock, water bottle holder, bell, and front basket he took off another bike sitting in his shop. He has a good selection of quality helmets for what i thought was a decent price. 180rmb. I will for sure go there for my service.


Very nice is Lee, the owner, and all his small but performing team !
We were very lucky to meet them in Kuniming, while travelling through Yunan and then Guizhou. Thanks to this bike shop we could fix all the issues on our tyred tandem, after a long way from France to Cambodia.
Lee has good experience as a cyclist, since he travelled to Lhasa with his folding bicycle.
We truly recommend this bike shop.


We stay in Kunming few days, and were very happy to be able to repair our bikes thanks to Pegasus Cycling !

We've been cycling the world for two years now, and we can tell it's the most welcoming bike shop so far !!!

May the force be with you !! :)