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  • Address168 Hongshan Dong Lu, Kunming
  • Mobile18987475451 (Pizza delivery), 13759133883 English
  • HoursKitchen: daily 8:30am-9pm
    Bar: daily 8:30am-11pm
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Slice of Heaven • 168 Hongshan Dong Lu


About Us

Slice of Heaven is located next to the main gate of Yun'an Shang Pin residential complex. Buses 104, 121 and 133 go past and bus 98 stops close by. Phone:18987475451


Those of you missing the great food and drinks sold in countless Australian and New Zealand cafes, bakeries and wine bars will find a slice of heaven in Kunming. Every day we bake bread, pizzas, cakes, pies and cookies for you to enjoy. Our drinks bar has locally sourced teas and our own specially roasted Baoshan coffee. We have a selection of local and imported beers and Southern Hemisphere wines.



Every day of every week we have something special for you.
Fridays, we have our famous half price pizza evenings. From 5 pm to 9.30 pm all our pizzas are just half price with the purchase of a drink. Eat in only.
Wednesdays everything in store has 20% off
And every day, from 8.30 to midday, you can enjoy a cup of Lanna Kinari Yunnan small bean coffee for just 8 kuai.


Contact us if you need cakes or catering for a special occasion.

Pizza Delivery

We recommend Eleme 饿了么


30 margherita: mozzarella cheese and basil

31 chicken, red pepper and New Zealand cheese

32 Yunnan goats’ cheese, tomato, eggplant,New Zealand cheese

33 tuna, olives, tomato and New Zealand cheese

34 spicy pork sausage, roasted red peppers, New Zealand cheese

35 the Momo: bacon, mushroom, red onion & New Zealand cheese

36 Hawaiian:bacon, pineapple and New Zealand cheeses

small 30元 - medium 50元 - large 90元


spaghetti bolognese 40元
beef, mushroom and herbed tomato sauce with spaghetti

roast chicken breast 45元
with couscous, roasted red peppers, & olive tapenade

samosas 35元
spicy vegetables in pastry, served with salad (vegan)

beef, Black Yak beer & vegetable 45元
stew with potato & sweet potato mash (gluten free)

moussaka: 45元
beef & eggplant pie & Greek salad (gluten free)

200 grams sirloin steak 110元
mushroom black pepper sauce and potato kumara mash


牛肉意大利面 40元

烤鸡排,烤红椒,橄榄酱 45元

印度咖喱蔬菜派 45元

牛肉火锅,黑牦牛啤酒 45元

牛肉茄子派配希腊沙拉 45元

200克牛排配香菇 110元

SALADS 沙拉35元

roast chicken, red peppers, black olives, salad greens, honey mustard dressing & grilled baguette
烤鸡肉,烤红椒,黑橄榄,沙拉绿菜,蜂蜜芥末酱, 面包片

Yunnan Goats cheese, tomato, cucumber, black olives, red onion, salad greens, balsamic dressing & grilled baguette

tuna, tomato, cucumber, salad greens, fresh herbs, peanuts, Thai style dressing & grilled baguette

couscous salad with Yunnan goats cheese, black olives, red onion, tomato, cucumber& fresh herbs


roast chicken, red peppers, olives, salad greens, honey mustard dressing on focaccia
烤鸡肉,烤红椒,黑橄榄,沙拉绿菜,蜂蜜芥末酱,意大利面包 30元

tuna, cucumber, tomato,mint, salad greens, sweet chilli sauce on focaccia
金枪鱼,黄瓜,西红柿,薄荷,沙拉绿菜,甜辣酱,意大利面包 30元

bacon & fried egg in a toasted sandwich with our spicy tomato sauce
培根鸡蛋汉堡,配自制微辣番茄酱 25元


We recommend Eleme 饿了么



It's a 5-star cafe.

It's a lot better than Starbucks. Starbucks doesn't even have food on their menu.


Babs ... this is a message to you! Your bread is good, your pizza is average, your service is really bad. I remember when I enjoyed popping in for a pizza, but the truth is ... I don't go anymore because everytime I order (Friday especially) I wait over an hour to be given someone else's pizza. The other guy gets mine. I have always ordered drinks at your establishment with my pizza, but I can no longer stand to hear you rant on and on about non-paying customers (customers that don't order drinks). I know the rant is to chase off customers that you don't want, and I know that you have a business to run, but lots of folks are just plain tired of swallowing a downer! Lighten-up and get the service right ... maybe some of us will come back.


Agree with the previous review. It's 20 kuai for a pretty good pizza. You're already getting a bargain, and if you're that hard up that you don't want to pay an extra 10 kuai or so for a drink, there's a mixian place just a two minute walk up the street.

'We do not have a notice in the cafe forbidding customers from bringing in drinks from outside. We think this is a common courtesy'.

Absolutely. Unfortunately there are many people in Kunming who lack basic manners.


Slice of Heaven has some nice food, its very clean and comfortable and the staff try very hard to please. I can understand Barbara is trying to run a business and it's her right to set the pricing. A large pizza for 20 quai was a bargain for sure. Obviously it was not a money maker without other sales. Anyone can be brisk from time to time but generally I think it's a good place.

I don't drink alcohol at all and was surprised that the place was 1/2 empty on a Friday night. The change in policy reflects a decent establishment trying to stay in business. We should support this nice little respite.


Had sometime to drop by quickly for some breakfast. Relaxed atmosphere ordered the focaccia sandwich which was nice with the chutney and had a cup of coffee that hit the spot. Both came promptly and were delicious. Didn't get to spend too much time due to an appointment but glad I got a chance to make it out. Will return.