Cafe-bar that used to be on Wenlin Jie and moved to the current location around 2018

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  • NameSummer Lotus
  • Address28 Zhonghe Xiang, Cuihu Nan Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65386817
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Summer Lotus • 28 Zhonghe Xiang, Cuihu Nan Lu

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didn't look at the food menu as I was just stopping for a drink and read.

The coffee seemed expensive as 25rmb, lots of other places are 10-12 only.

The chrysanthemum tea was 15rmb and was not good. Not enough flowers for a good flavour and I think the water was boiled tap water. At these prices I would expect bottled/distilled water (5 gallon bottle).

Comfy furniture and cool in the back, with the windows open for a through breeze. However, the back is next to the restroom, which was blocked (smell)