Cantonese-style teahouse/restaurant tucked in a small alley off of Dongfeng Dong Lu

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  • NameJorden's Cafe
  • AddressDongfeng Dong Lu, Dongfeng Xiang (Behind Kunming Hotel), Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 3170638
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Right next to my office. Food is okay but nothing too impressive. The ribs seem to be among the best.


Walk west along Dongfeng Dong Lu from the Kunming Hotel and Dongfeng Xiang is the first turning. This restaurant is of average comfort with average quality of service (you have to ask for everything from the noisy staff). The Cantonese menu serves some good pork ribs although ours was just warm and a little dry. The sweet and sour pork was good and is worth having. There was an interesting dish of potatoes dipped in egg and fried, interesting because this is a common Chinese dish where the potatoes are usually thin strips but here they resembled French Fries (which is fine) and, commonly, too salty. Their 'speciality' was a large dish of vegetables, in the middle of which was a large ball of ground pork (at least 50% fat) that resembled an animal brain, this was not enjoyed by anyone (Chinese and expat alike). There was not an English-language menu and I would suggest a visit with someone that understands Cantonese dishes. The cost was 110 yuan for five dishes.
Incidentally, beware of the steep stairs coming down . . . treacherous!