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If you are using the book Chinese Made Easier (by Martin Symonds) to learn Chinese, this website will help you because it is based on that book, see here www.learnchineseeasier.host-ed.me
Enjoy learning / memorizing Chinese words easier.

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You can also learn Chinese through flashcards : www.purplepandaglobal.com/chinese-characters-flashcards-apps-for-iphone-pc.html

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Hiya livram79

I have gone through a lot of that website. Very useful, thanks very much indeed!


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Take a look at


This website is free and now has 81 lessons posted.

I have no idea who or why someone would put so much effort into this online "book" but I have found it useful especially with a tutor.

The original poster was: boxerweak

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Thanks for the link, though it seems only Elementary levels are available at the moment. When you click on the intermediate link, it says 'coming soon.'

Geezer (1917 posts) • 0


You are correct. "boxerweak" adds a few lessons now and then.

He/she also has links to other sites and resources. Most are free.

Daithi (426 posts) • 0

Hiya Geezer

There's good stuff on there for reviewing. looks quite advanced for an elementary level but hey it's all good! Thx very much Sir!


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to mPRin,

when I was in Kunming I bought the Chinese Made Easier book in a library in town. There are 2 big libraries in Kunming, one in 南屏街 (copy and paste this "25.039773, 102.709845" into www.maps.google.com) and another one on 一二一路 (copy and paste this: "25.056719, 102.694715" into www.maps.google.com).

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