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Puzhehei to Guangnan county

peter7 (29 posts) • 0

Looking on my google map I have to go back from Puzhehei to the G323 or G80 and go up to Guangnan county! from there we drive to bama county to find out the secret of long live (according a article it was drinking rice wine and smoking hemp! lol)

is there not a more direct and maybe scenic road between the two?

ludwig (104 posts) • 0

There is a relatively new direct road between Qiubei (the county town a few km from Puzhehei) to Guangnan, which goes through sparsely inhabited karst land, no need to go back to the expressway. That road is just a bit over 100km.

See www.yunnanexplorer.com/[...]

peter7 (29 posts) • 0

Thanks Ludwig, my google map is not showing this one, in spite of the fact that the map you kindly provided takes it info from google maps !!?

ludwig (104 posts) • 0

The satellite image is from Google, but the road data is from OpenStreetMap.org — Google has not been updating their maps for China for years now, as they have no mapping partner in China anymore.

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