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Best Steak and eggs

eric25001 (41 posts) • 0

What/where is the best steak and eggs in yunnan or China?

Go buy your beef
Buy some rendered beef tallow (Yellow oil) Really sould be soft and yellow like butter as the cattle in China are grass fed and finished. Buy beef (24 RMB 300 grams_ and eggs

Go home slice salt pepper and sear in beef fat

Let it rest why you fry eggs in same beef tallow (About 8.9 RMB a tube at C4)

Enjoy steak and eggs

PS for grass products price are like USA grass prices
eggs are about 1 rmb so about the same a cheap eggs in USA

Shyam (244 posts) • 0

Oh man, Eric...you've planted the seed of beef lust into my mind. I haven't had steak and eggs since I left the U.S.. I think I'm going to have to do steak and eggs on Super Bowl Sunday.

Ever have sausage gravy and biscuits? Or, eggs benedict? OMG...I would donate a kidney for a Western omelette with a side of scrapple. We have this great national restaurant chain in the U.S. called the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). I think if I had my choice of having one U.S. restaurant here, that would be it.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

Better than The Cheesecake Factory?

I don't know what the big deal is with steak and eggs. There's nothing about that combination of foods that's a match made in heaven. And besides they're both protein sources, so I prefer to eat my eggs separately.

And rendered beef tallow is a healthy cooking fat, but I tried it once and found the smell to be very unpleasant. So I prefer using bacon fat.

Shyam (244 posts) • 0

Mag, the Cheesecake Factory is awesome...but, in a different league. A meal at IHOP would cost you an average of $7. One at the Cheesecake Factory would be upwards of $20. The Cheesecake Factory is also a bit more hoidy-toidy. IHOP is the kind of place you can go to anytime. (Its actually opened 24 hours, in most places.) I like them both (and luckily have both within a short distance of my home in the U.S.).

I didn't like steak and eggs until I was older. When I was younger, most of the ones I had were pretty badly made. I like my own the best because I tend to make the steak in a different way. I like my steak heavily seasoned, very rare on the inside, and sliced very thin. I don't cook my eggs in the beef fat, but I do like to fry/roast my potatoes in it. I'll also confess that the experience isn't complete for me without bottles of ketchup and A1 steak sauce. Gosh...I feel guilty just writing about this. :)

zhulaoye (83 posts) • 0

As is typical of the threads here this one gets hijacked from the get go and the question is not even answered.

"What/where is the best steak and eggs in yunnan or China?"

In Yunna no where. They cannot even fry an egg here correctly (and that goes for Sal's and the Prague as well) much less cook a steak. Or what passes for steak here, which I think is dehydrated, starved water buffalo at best.

If you get to Beijing try Paul's Steak and eggs by the Jian She subway station if it is still there. If not, you will find something eventuality. Km or Yunnan? Give it up.

zhulaoye (83 posts) • 0

@ Texas Boy
The local markets usually have buckets full of little, bloody pig brains. Will that work as a substitute?

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