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Leather jacket treatment

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

Hi everybody! I would like to get my leather jackets treated and cleaned, can anybody recommend a good place to go to?? I don't care if it's expensive, but I would like to find a place where they can do a proper job!thanks!

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

for leather jacket treatment - best to use mink oil. Failing that - most high end leather goods stores (like Ecco brand shoes) sell leather conditioners. With Mink oil, use a soft damp cloth to buff your clothes - get rid of any top soil, then use the same cloth liberally dabbed with mink oil to buff your leather goods (natural untreated leather goods, that is). Mink oil also adds an element of natural water repellent.

If you decide to pay someone - better check to see what kind of crap they're gonna use to condition your leather - might be black or colored shoe polish - so beware. This is Kunming - caveat emptor.

If cost is REALLY no issue - drop by any of the Ginko stores - LV is the absolute best when it comes to natural leather treatments. You can also try "saddle soap" - if you need neutral color treatment - but better look that one up on the internet.

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