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Chess tournament

SwedishGuy (22 posts) • 0

Hi guys,

me and my friend plan to have a small chess tournament, just for fun and for the yearning of playing chess.

we plan to buy 3 or 4 chessboards with clocks.

Contact me if you're interested.
by responding here or to my wechat: johan1990

SwedishGuy (22 posts) • 0

So lets make an E-mail list, send me your email and lets discuss what time is the most suitable for us to meet and play.

SwedishGuy (22 posts) • 0

We have decided have a small "chess meeting", if we are enough with people we'll play a small tournament.

Date: 03/10

Place: Moondog

Time: 12 am.

hope we will see some thrilling games. welcome and play :)

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