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Forums > Living in Kunming > Nicotine! Where?

My parents are coming and visit me next month, from Sweden. If you're interested to buy snus I can ask them to bring some.

Forums > Living in Kunming > China is not as safe as you think.

Honestly I've been in China for more than one and a half year, been to from Liaoning province to Yunnan. Never have something bad happen to me,or have I witness something criminal activity. The only few things I've seen is in Kundu. Nothing else. Maybe I'm just lucky?


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The pengest munch in Kunming? No, far from it. The food was tasteless, fragmented in its own huge portions. The service was there, but as a customer I felt invisible. I give this restaurant 2 stars because of the cakes: an ok cake, big portion, cheap price. Everything else didn't bring value to the experience eating there.


Probably the pengest munch in Kunming. The carrot cake was exceptionally tasty. The half price on the pizzas every Friday mades the money worth, and the salad is very tasty as well. I have nothing bad to say about this restaurant.


Very nice place. I liked the environment and the drinks were fairly priced. Great music, with live stage, and good activities such as fussball and snooker. A good concept for making customers coming back.