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Nicola (4 posts) • 0

Hello, Nice to meet you, I am thinking about going to Kunming and would to know where are the best coffee houses/places to chill out and relax?

Any ideas/Info, please respond to this thread



niuniu (1 post) • 0

nicola, hello! i am niuniu, local kunmingren... welcome to our the spring city, u have good name... can i ask if u are boy or girl? ;-)

i think the foreigners here like to go to culture forest street and culture lane... very neart o the yunnan university. there are many americans and europe people (france, england and maybe some more?) that like to 'pao ba' hehe...

local kunming people like to go drink tea to cuihu park... its very peaceful and nice. my favorite is cuihu binguan, but a little expensive! ok, welcome to kunming! hope u enjoy ga! ~~ niuniu

piers (144 posts) • 0

Chapter One is highly recommended! It just happens to be on Culture Forest Street. Niuniu why did you translate that and not cuihu binguan. Strange.....

The Wenlin Jie cafes break down approx like this:

Box - Italian and Slovenian
French Cafe - guess!
Chapter One - British
Salvadors - American

Of course there's crossover but the French don't venture very far. Dangerous out there in the Cultural Forest!

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