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An oil refinery factory to be established in Anning

Stathis (25 posts) • 0

The Petrochina is going to set up an oil refinery in Anning Kunming this year, with capacity of 10 million tons per year.

But such a project which may produce so much pollution is on the agenda of local government without hearing any voice from local people. And it will be next to the Dianchi. Poor Dianchi. Now it's going to have to fight against pollution from the refinery.

As a Yunnaner for more than 20 yrs, I never heard of any place with abundant oil here in Yunnan. So about getting a refinery here, I don't see any purposes but transfer the f**k pollution from east to west, covered up by the idea of developing economy in the west. Economy, economy and economy are the only thing that matters for local government.

Welcome to a so-called spring city with continuous drought and heavy-polluted air and water.

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • 0

The comment 'next to the Dianchi' implies that it will be on the side of the lake next to the water.
Or do you mean, in that area, for example one could say that Anning City is next to Kunming?
Do you know the exact location of the proposed site? This is something I would be interested to learn.

abcdabcd (428 posts) • 0

why do people blame the govt for all environmental problems?
there are thousands of new cars on the roads every day. the oil has to come from somewhere, no? an oil refinery in anning is as good a place as any, as far as i'm concerned.

when push comes to shove, Wall-E will come to the rescue. don't worry!

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

I blame half on the gummint and half the the people. If the gummint wanted, they could invent cars that run on water. It's all about the money. Greedy bastards!

abcdabcd (428 posts) • 0

but water is a scarce resource. so i don't think that's a feasible alternative.

Stathis (25 posts) • 0

@tigertiger, made a mistake. It's in a town called Caopu (草铺) in Anning, about 30 km from Dianchi.

This refinery hasn't been noticed by locals until the National Development and Reform Commission approve it this year.

Stathis (25 posts) • 0

@abcdabcd, I am not blaming the gummint for all the pollution but for those heavy-polluted factories just like this refinery. But I do agree people should be blamed for pollution produced by cars and motors.

Stathis (25 posts) • 0

@Liumingke1234, agree. why not the gummint just narrows down the lane for cars while broadening the lane for bikes and buses to encourage people to take those less polluted things.

abcdabcd (428 posts) • 0

yeah, it would be nice if bike lanes were bigger. but if you wait for other people to change things, you might wait forever.

have you considered moving closer to your work and shopping at local markets and eating at restaurants in your neighborhood? then you wouldn't even need a bike all that much. you could just walk to most places.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

Cao Pu is one of the 9 districts in Anning. Most people are familiar with Lian Ran District as that is where the bus station and the hot springs are located.

1. Lianran
2. Wenquan
3. Jifang
4. Qionglong
5. Taiping New City
6. Caopu
7. Bajie
8. Lubiao
9. Xianjie

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