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Flights to Phnom Penh

Toshi (28 posts) • 0


Can anyone advise the best (cheapest!) way to fly to Phnom Penh from Kunming in May?

I'm not in Kunming at the moment and it appears my knowledge of Kunming's international flight connections is a bit dated now.

At the moment I can only find flights from Hong Kong. Are there ANY direct flights from Kunming? Nanning? Chengdu? They are possibly on irregular days and I have missed them in my searches.

Any help is much appreciated.

Xiexie ga!

Pongtong (3 posts) • 0

China Eastern has direct flights from Kunming every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday...on other days also connections from Kunming via Nanning possible. For May I found prices as low as 700 RMB, but you need to add slightly more than 500 RMB taxes, which is all in all still very cheap.

Check out their website: www.ceair.com

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