Wanted: faceshop products.

Snowfish (2 posts) • 0

Anybody know about a place to buy faceshop products in Kunming? Or can someone bring some from Korea? Appriciate for your help and will pay reasonable price. Thanks.

sickness (22 posts) • 0

why dont you just take a bus or taxi to "jin ma bi ji fan", well I think thats the right name of it. There you have Parkson and like a big square with loads of stores and face shop s-h-i-t.
Next to the entrance of Parkson in that area there is one of those shops.

Or, you can buy online at taobao.com, for much less expense. Taobao is like a huge online market in China. My Chinese friends always buy their stuff from there. And no it aint MY site so its not like a freakin ad or promotion for that site, Chris :P

rogella (7 posts) • 0

Sickness's advice is quite good~ I myself usually by things from taobao. But if u don't have a chinese friend with rich on-line shopping experience, I suggest u give up -- there r tooooo many faked makeups and facial cares in taobao. I've bought faceshop products in a small shop in Bao-Shan street, named "Ju-zi-+"(u can find it by recognizing the "+" symbol). I think they sell real things at reasonable price.

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