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Where can I buy fabric, retail?

Lester (84 posts) • 0

I want to buy some fabric (cotton or other natural fiber) to take to a tailor and have simple clothing made. There are wholesale fabric outlets near Luosiwan, but I need a retail outlet. I would particularly like to buy denim for pants. Hemp cloth would be nice, too.


Ahmet (98 posts) • 0

Don't let the "wholesale" name of the fabric market south of Lousiwan (on Nanba Lu) scare you off. With a little negotiation, you can buy any length of fabric. Selection is great especially if you dive into the small stalls that line the sides and back halls.

Lester (84 posts) • 0

I'd like something strong for pants, like denim. Denim of hemp would be ideal, but I don't know if it's made. The tailors near my home all prefer synthetics, but they feel like I'm wearing a plastic bag.

Amina (29 posts) • 0

Apparently they sell hemp fabric at the bird and flower market, some where up stairs. Not exactly sure where and how much but I am going to check it out too as I also want to purchase a hemp and cotton blend material.

I will let you know and visa versa if you get there before me, Thankyou Amina x

Lester (84 posts) • 0

Thanks to all for info. I found cotton and hemp (mian bu and ma bu) at the Luosiwan cloth market, on Na Ba Lu. Go in the gate, look left when you stand in front of the post office, and there is both cotton and hemp fabric inside the last two aisles.

Lester Ness

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