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Help me!

Valentina (2 posts) • 0

I'm Valentina and I will be in Kunming to study chinese, from 10th febrary to 10th July. I'm looking for an apartment with two bad, furnished in a walking distance of Yunnan University. No more of 1500yuan!
Please help me.

espinaca (2 posts) • 0

An apartment of that size in your price range in the university area should not be a problem. You can always make a quick Chinese friend when you get into town and get them to go with you to a real estate agent who can show you apartments in the neighborhood - but you will have to pay as much as one month's rent as a finder's fee to the agent. Hopefully someone will have some info so you can find the apartment without the real estate agent- though it's pretty easy it can be nerve wracking if it's your first time in China.

Maldinib (12 posts) • 0

Ciao,Valentina,I am friend of yours-Chiara,and she told me to help you,I live in Kunming,if you need my help please contact me at maldinibian@yahoo.com,Grazie!

huoxin (3 posts) • 0

i am renting out an appartement on Cui Hu Bei Lu from february to september 07...and just for that time. It is fully equiped, western standard. 3 minutes from Yunda. 1000 yuan/month.

Valentina (2 posts) • 0

Hi huoxin,
I'm interested in renting your appartement but only from february to july.
Please contact me at wilde2001@inwind.it or give me your email address. Many Thanks!!!!!

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