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yoland_yao (6 posts) • 0

this is my translation homework,please correct .
Don't delete it please!


Kunming municipal administrative center which is about 20 km away from kuning main city zone located at No.1,jingxiu street, Chengong district. The whole administrative center is composed of 13 buildings, including 10 office buildings,1new district hall, 1general service building, 1 logistics service building and 3400 parking spaces. The administrative units and the public institutions possessing administrative functions totaled 98, over 7000 persons work here.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

@ Yoland

This is not your homework.
You work for Chengong Municipal Government, and want free translation correction services.

Please don't abuse this forum or forum members' time.

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

In all fairness @tigertiger, she did do the translation herself and is merely asking for help on corrections. It least it's better than most of my students who wants me to do the actual translation work when they seek out my "help".

@Dazzler, The term "homework" can be used loosely to mean work to be taken home to be completed, it does not necessary have to come from school. She did not say "schoolwork" or school homework.

Second, how is seeking help an abuse? I think it is an valid solicitation even if we might feel it is tacky or crass, it does not mean there aren't people out there whom are willing to help. Is asking for advice on starting a business abuse? How about all the redundant threads on visa issues?

Anyway, don't mean to talk down to you, just in a sour mood today.


chris (144 posts) • 0

The GoKunming forum section is not intended to facilitate crowdsourced translation of any language into any language.

@yoland_yao: Please feel free to post a free ad in our classifieds section if you would like to find proofreading help.

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

Why not delete it? I have had a couple, much more relevant and topical, forum topics deleted for no apparent reason. I agree, this person is just trying to get free translation/correction work done. My experience here and in BJ has been too that most correction work is free anyway. I have been "promised" payments but I have yet to get even a small amount though my corrections were used. One place told me there were still one or two mistakes so they were not happy. it was a forty page book! Not happy, but used all my work anyway. I don't do it anymore. And hell, her translation isn't even that bad. Better than what I see on most govt. buildings and hospitals here.

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