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Samuwel_wx (2 posts) • 0

im a chinese guy,i come from Beijng,i was going to seattle for study, but u know visa is not very ez to i just log-on my status as a student for waiting for my visa,but my visa has some i get there to study at the same time im waiting for my mother to solve the problem.

Now i need a friend who can speak english maybe can speak Spanish is great.i could teach you chinese.
even though i m not professional, but i think i ll be make great efforts to do.

i hope we will be friend,i trust u could have me a lot my friend.

my email: [email protected]

Samuwel_wx (2 posts) • 0

i m so sorry i just register a wrong name Samuwel_wx
i want to correct my wrong name, when i click Edit Profile it tells me come so for long who could help me solve the problem

Samuel_wx (2 posts) • 0

why chinese girl leave messages,foreigners will answer the female.

What a fucked bussiness????????!

onlyone (156 posts) • 0

Samuel, Youdonot mension that you leave in Kunming or going to do so,this site based on the people who have intrest in Yunnan .I do not think it's related to boys or girls ! anyhow you are welcome contact with me maybe i can help you

[email protected]

Bu Xisheng (2 posts) • 0

onlyone, I have sent you an e-mail, I am looking forward you can help me find a friend who speaks English. And I do not live in Kunming, I live in Dongchuan which is a small town not far from Kunming. If you can help me please call me. My telephone number is 13354637970. And I can just spend my vacation in YunNan province, because my university is in Beijing. Now it is only a month left for me before I go back to Beijing.

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