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Chengdu-Kunming: alternatives to train and flying?

Chloe* (4 posts) • 0

Hi everyone,

We're planning a trip to Chengdu and have already bought our train tickets to go there, but unfortunately it's been a nightmare trying to get tickets to get back. I've already been to the ticket booth 5 times and they either say "没票了" or "买不了" and keep on telling us to come back later, with the same result.

As flights are a bit pricey, I was wondering if there are sleeper buses between Chengdu and Kunming, and how long they would take? I can't seem to find information anywhere online.

Thanks for your help!


invisible (17 posts) • 0

I could think of several options.

There are sleeper buses (i saw some RMB70-120 from beimenzhan 19-23hours!, but there should be more sleeper buses leaving from other stations).

use search "成都到昆明大巴" for example

But you could also try to first make it to Panzihua halfway and from there check more options.

You could've sent your bikes by train (RMB70) 2-3 days earlier and then ride back South.

Flying doesn't have to be expensive (especially the very day of Spring Festival the 22nd has many cheap flights)

I see return flights for RMB400 and less (plus tax) till the 25th of Jan. and starting from February 1st[...]

Hitchhiking is another option, and for foreigner it's easy[...]

And ride sharing is getting more and more popular, but there are too many Chinese sites to list, so alternatively you could also post a classified on

Chloe* (4 posts) • 0

Wow, thanks for all the info! Exactly what I needed, and quick as well :)

We're leaving Chengdu on the 28th so I think flights are definitely out of the question... but as you said there's apparently plenty of other options. I'll look into it.

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