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do you know a place/ gym/ school to learn play ping pong? Maybe someone good wanna teach me at reasonable price?

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They're carting off the wrestling mats from the gymnasium floor as a custodian wheels in the tables.

And on a bench beneath the basketball hoop, Frank Li pops open a Guan Yin Wang tea tin and pours out an orange ping-pong ball.

"Not many people think of this when they talk about high school sports," says Li, a co-captain of the University of Toronto Schools' varsity ping-pong squad. "But the sport is really becoming more popular."

When they picture the sweat stained hardwood of high school gymnasiums, it's a good bet that few people will think of ping-pong, also known as table tennis.

Indeed, even the UTS athletics director did not know the game was a varsity sport until a few years ago.

"But when you watch it at this level, there's no doubt it's a sport," says Jeff Kennedy, who has gained an admiration for the game. "At this level it's very athletic; a lot of movement, these guys really hit the ball hard."

The game played at UTS — which went undefeated last season — and a dozen other secondary schools across the GTA is not the one you occasionally took up in your parent's rec room.

"It's not like you have the soft drink in one hand," Kennedy says.

But Li says that kind of easy, rec room access to tables has added to its growing popularity.

With the gyms solidly booked by more traditional combats, tables can be moved into any unused place for practices.

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