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Studying Chinese and Chinese Philosophy

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Are you interested in studying Chinese and/or Chinese thinking on a one to one basis in Kunming?
Chinese Language:
The Chinese Language course is for you who want to learn and/or practice oral Chinese as well as reading and writing.
Chinese Philosophy:
The Chinese Philosophy course consists of 8 seminars (1.5 hours), and will take you from pre-daoist and pre-confucian times up to contemporary China. We will be reading many original texts and look at them with the help of several distinguished thinkers, like Fung Yu-Lan-.
You can choose one or both;
I have graduated from Yunnan Normal University and my major is English. I have also studied English for a University in Sweden. Presently I am studying for a Chinese Literature Degree.
If you are interested, please contact me. My name is Christine, and my e-mail address is haisu_819@yahoo.com.cn

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