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Anning - Japanese hot springs & accommodation

ceciliaaum (1 post) • 0


I'm planning to travel in Yunnan for about 10 day in January, and I've decided to visit the Jap hot springs in Anning.

Does anyone here know the easiest way to get there?

And also, I was planning to stay one night in Anning, does anyone have any recommendations of where to stay?

Naturallychina (34 posts) • 0

Hi Ceciliaanm,

My home is next to Anning hot springs, the price is 128RMB, for hot springs and 40 mins massage.

The easiest way to get there is per bus, but bus won't stop in front of the hot springs, you will need to first take bus from Kunming to Anning, and then take taxi. Over all it costs quite enegry and costs about 2.5 hours to go, for going back you will need to arrange a taxi to wait for you on time, then taxi+bus to get back to Kunming, I don't think it gonan be a very relaxing day for you in that way.

If I were you, I will arrange a car for 1 day, bring you there, wait for you outside and bring you back to the town, cost should be reasonable since you only need car and driver, no guide, etc.

Wonders Of Yunnan - specail service - car rental

Maybe that is suitable for you, check it out! Good luck and have fun in Anning!


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