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never ever work for this school in Jinghong, Xishuangbanna

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This school's name was Big Mouth English School before. I guess now is Bright Star English School(both training center and kindergarten). They are totally dishonesty people. They will try to let you come down Jinghong first then screw you over later. The boss of the school doesn't know any word English. The best English teacher also suck. What he can say is "hey, man", try to be cool. No respect western culture at all. The only thing they want you to do is to be Johnny(last teacher you hired from Africa, he borrowed more than 100000RMB from the local then ran away). They think he is the best teacher ever. They wiil never appreciated what you have done to them. Anyway don't let those people screw you over.

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Chingis i guess because she is angry she doesn't care about the grammar but there is nothing to teach there except English .

russia (16 posts) • 0

Tanya sounds like a Chinese herself lol! Probably is a Bright Star English School competitor lol!!

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sometimes when i read this hate comments e.g chigis, i feel bad knowing all these folks are waiguo ren like me,but i understand some of the guys here need time to grow up, if you have nothing to do,dont write shits here.tanya was just passing info,you dont need to challenge her.period

EnglishTeacher (101 posts) • 0

I agree. I would like to know about other people's experiences with schools whether you're a chinese or laowai.

samkelv (4 posts) • 0

@english teacher.i have been reading your comments they make sence,keep up.pple here thinks we are here to work for low fees and treat us like poor pple,they should forget it.

tanya386 (3 posts) • 0

My wife made the original post because she was angry with what happened to our family moving down here to Jinghong. I'm an American born & raised, and this experience happened to ME. My wife's English isn't perfect, but she wanted to warn the peeps in KM. We don't live in KM any more, but did before & she still checks in on Go KM sometimes.

Following is the post I made after I read hers the next morning. I'd wanted to change the grammar/spelling errors but I guess the forum doesn't allow you to edit once replies to a post have been made.

For your info— this is my post below which only 1 person replied to.
This really did happen, if you don't believe me, come here & work
for this dishonest school & see what happens to you. Even the African guy quit after a month because they were paying him half of what they agreed to pay me (but I never got my full salary in the end).

The bottom line is—they've screwed every foreigner that ever worked for them; plus they tell lies to the parents, such as saying that African guy was an Oxford graduate with a Masters in English (total hogwash!). This is an ad currently posted on jobs offered (dated August 19th). If you take this job you will regret it later!


We have a training school and a kindergarten in Jinghong.We want a teacher who can teach all ages.

For details,don't hesitate to call Leon at 13988153778 or email [email protected]

**I moved my family down to Jinghong because of the job offer I had from this school (after several talks with the boss on the phone & meeting this Chinese dude Leon in Kunming). Pretty much everything we previously agreed to they didn't honor; the salary, hours, travel money, visa, contract, etc. Even though I needed the job, I finally just decided to cut my losses and quit to keep my integrity. They weren't doing what was promised, plus other dishonest practices with the student's parents, etc..

I never missed a day, nor was I ever late, but felt totally disrespected in so many ways! I've been teaching English in China for more than 4 years and this was the worst school by far!
My wife is even from Xishuangbanna (which if she wasn't I'd probably gotten screwed over worse than I did).
I just posted this as a fair warning to other foreigners. If you want to take this job, make them put EVERYTHING in WRITING with their seal to notorize it BEFORE you move there, otherwise they will deny any such verbal agreements they may make with you!

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"If you want to take this job, make them put EVERYTHING in WRITING with their seal to notorize it BEFORE you move there, otherwise they will deny any such verbal agreements they may make with you!"

ummm, so you didn't bother to put it in writing? even after teachin'
in china for four years? and knowing that a verbal agreement is
worth the paper it be written on? and you moved on the basis
of this without even bothering to visit the school? a whole
seven hours away by bus? i'm shocked!

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