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Other doberman owners?

Putrijaya (10 posts) • 0

Recently got a 3 month old female doberman. She is great fun and real sweetheart. Anyone else out there have a doberman? Care to share experiences of raising a doberman in Kunming? If nearby maybe a doberman "play time" could be arranged.


YuantongsiYuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

Good luck! Make sure she has all her shots, our dog even with all her shots managed to get distemper,,but I guess the shots helped as she did pull through,,normally distemper is a killer.

Putrijaya (10 posts) • 0

HI Alex,

Thanks for the advice... I definitely will keep up with her shots. She isn't quite ready to run long distances, but I am running 10 kilometers every morning and will be taking her with me. Gradually ramping up to 25k...

The residential area we live in is ideal and very clean. I have trained her to poop on a piece of newspaper I put on the ground and my neighbors look shocked (but pleased). Another large dog owner now cleans up their dog poop since I raised the bar.

If you ever get a dobie drop me a line and we can meet up.


p.s. How old is old enough for rabies shot? I heard 6 months... what do you think for a doberman?

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