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Ban on smoking starts May 1st

OceanOcean (1181 posts) • 0

Maybe this is something the Chengguan "police" could enforce, rather than beating up old ladies with carts?

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

I always see people standing right under those "smoking is forbidden" signs in Chinese puffing away. On buses too.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Silly rabbits. Department heads smoke in hospitals. People smoke in elevators. And the no-smoking section in restaurants in restaurants is utter stupidity. Cigarette smoke is almost a gas - as such, it expands rapidly (as opposed to almost instantly) to fill the space it's mostly contained within. The non-smoking section on a airplane (if you're old enough to remember those days) was ludicrous, a farce, if you had the misfortune to sit in the seat in FRONT of the non-smoking section.

Most cigarette smokers are wimps when it comes to cigar smoke - so my advice is to fight fire with overwhelming WMA - smoke cigars. Cigars are healthier as you don't inhale the smoke - to quote our famous President Clinton - one just "puffs". The higher grade cigars use no chemicals, the tobacco filler and wrappers are by necessity higher grade, and they're somewhat green (recyclable) - 100% tobacco leaf (aside from the paper band wrapper), so when you're done - you can just toss the stub anywhere - it's just a dried and cured plant leaf - and one can also purchase certain premium grade cigars in bulk (boxes of 25-50) minus the brand band wrapper.

Also, for US citizens - beware - the direct purchase of Cuban cigars is illegal for US citizens EXCEPT government officials, who exempt themselves from many laws for we little people (such as social security taxes).

OceanOcean (1181 posts) • 0

So, has anyone seen even the slightest difference since the beginning of this month? Interestingly, I spoke to a Kunming Judge and he said the "May 1st non-smoking" thing was not a law, but a government recommendation, which carries little or no weight. But he said that all restaurants in Kunming have been made aware of it. I've seen no difference at all though, sadly. Some very selfish/ignorant people out there...

JustSomeGuy (23 posts) • 0

Nope, no evidence of even the slightest attention being paid to the law. I doubt that will change anytime soon. Not a law huh? Hmm... Then it's useless. Or if it was a "true law" and as stated in so many places lacked any defined penalties or definition of who would enforce it it would also be useless. I guess those of us who hate smoking remain out of luck.

Oh well.

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

Do this: if you're a foreigner, point to a sign prohibiting smoking (in Chinese of course) to the next Chinese person you see smoking and see what their reaction is. If they don't react, ask them if they can read characters. If not (or even if they answer yes), tell them they are selfish and stupid.

justalex (21 posts) • 0

Respect..... common, even while they are being selfish in their act, don't go calling them stupid. That's just childish.

OceanOcean (1181 posts) • 0

Hmmm... someone deliberately ruining their own health and those around them while standing next to a sign telling them it's illegal. I think "stupid" is an entirely reasonable word.

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