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What's a decent wage for a driver?

cathryn (3 posts) • 0

Hi, I own a car but I want to hire an experienced driver for some long distance trips (up to a week and several hundred kilometers). What do you think would be a decent wage for a driver, not including the car? Thanks for any tips you're willing to share!


Bernie (101 posts) • 0

Interesting question, and I'm sure that some readers are alarmed that you would permit a Chinese driver to take control of your own car. I hope that this isn't racial discrimination. :(

Terry (7 posts) • 0

Hey Cathryn,

When I was in Shanghai I paid my driver about 1500 / month. This was when I was just getting used to driving in China. Some drivers make a lot more though and some less. I am sure you can hire out per diem for much cheaper than that, but usually all expenses like room and food would be yours for longer trips. Really search carefully and make sure they know safety is your main concern. Good luck!

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