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Western groceries in Kunming

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

I am looking for places that stock UK/USA/EU foods.

I have been to Metro and was disappointed. And I have tried a few Carrefour and they pretty much as I expected.

I think I must have been spoilt in the tier 3 city I have just come from.

Are there any little hidden gems in Kunming?
Or is any one Carrefour better than the others?

debaser (635 posts) • 0

try wallmart (the one in xiaoximen). have you found Paul's shop yet? if you follow WenHuaXiang all the way around to the right, it's after the barrier / parking gate. it's on the corner, on your left.

if you could be more specific about what you can't find maybe someone could point you in the right direction. between Paul's metro and carrefour, there isn't much you can't find.

good luck!

lummerlaoshi (130 posts) • 0

I haven't tried the place, but here's some information about the American Market:

American Market
Tai Yang Xin Cheng, #275; store located on the inner ring of stores

Bus Stop: Ma Cun Li Jiao Qiao (busses 129, 114, 84, 74, 9)

E-mail from Myles the owner:

"The location is on the corner of Long Quan road and 2nd ring road. On
the bottom floor of some tall 30 story orange apartments, you can't
miss them. Just right when you go under 2nd ring road, get off at
that bus stop and you are right there. The shop is located on the
inside ring of shops, so just look for a walk way to walk inside the
complex and you will see the shop numbers easily. It is shop number

And his e-mail address:

Feel free to contact the owner directly for more info and post here once you go so we know how it is.

ludwig (104 posts) • 0

For certain things like olive oil, cold cuts, cheese, pasta and the like try the Box. Yes, the bar on Wenhuaxiang, they also have a food import business that supplies mostly businesses, but they also do retail. They have a long catalogue from which you can order and either pick up in the bar or from 300Y they will deliver. Certain things are in stock at the bar...
I found the Walmart at Xiaoximen totally useless, they do not have anything (or just maybe I have never managed to find it in the cavernous maze. I always think about an earthquake hitting when I am inside that store.)

lao_wai (18 posts) • 0

Try the Gingko on Baita Lu near the Provincial Stadium. The grocery store is located in the basement and they have a good selection of foreign goods.

Dan Siekman (102 posts) • 0

I stopped by and peeked through the window at the "American Market" this morning. The selection looked pretty limited: boxed mac 'n' cheese, chocolate sauce, canned soup and some cereal. But if you're looking for that sort of thing it might do...

keljohn (1 post) • 0

Auntie's is another option to consider. It is a small shop but has a variety of items you can't get other places. It is located directly across from the west side Wicker Basket.

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