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we are a professional English spoke travel company in Kunming, we are specialized in tours and related travel needs, we oriented our market on local foreginers and their families, you can go to our website: www.12visitchina.com. or call us at 13888675302. good luck.

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Hi Sophisticate,

We are a professional English-speaking and Dutch-speaking travel agency in Kunming, we offer Yunnan quality tour packages at affordable rates.

Learn more:

[email protected]

Good luck and welcome to Yunnan!

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Echinaromance is an expert in Yunnan tourism, yunnan trek, yunnan bike trip, tiger leaping gorge trek, stone town trek, yuanyang terrace rice fied photos trip, our website www.echinaromance.com, judy zhang cell phone: 13888726753, office address: 2M, building china eastern airline investment building, 219th chuncheng road, kunming, yunnan. yunnan overseas international service co, ltd.

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Most agencies CLAIM that they are experts and know the area but I have found most have never even visited many of the places they claim to be an expert in. Most of these agencies visit the same 4-5 scenic spots (Stone Forest, etc) but know very little or nothing about other places in Yunnan.

Visit my website and get FREE information about travel in Yunnan.
Every picture you see in my website comes from my camera and I personally visited EVERY location you see in my website.

If you have any questions - feel free to call me and I will do my best to help you and answer all your questions for FREE.

Most, not all of the agencies, want money just to give you some basic information.

Good luck

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